How to Build a Website To Make Money

How to Build a Website To Make Money

How to Build a Website To Make Money


Longer than normal, this article is designed to expose the mindset for “how to build a website to make money”.  Hopefully after you read through these words, you’ll better understand that it is not simply about the money (currency) freely flowing to you.  Yes! -there is a tremendous amount of money (currency) flowing out there, yet “the” main question should be -what value can you offer that will direct some of that money (currency) into your website?  Your website that makes money, that produces money.


This new age of electronic commerce (e-commerce) has brought the once highest paid position of any career  -a salesperson  to a ground level whereby a 16 year old can become flat-out rich.  Seriously have more money than most people make in a lifetime.  Today’s highest paid position is the on-line marketer -today’s sales person.

Think about that because it is seriously true!

To build a website to make money, you can hire out so to get it done.  There are a lot of people who will build you such a website, yet there are a lot of fall-backs.  For example, if your website breaks, who are you going to call?

To Build a Website To Make Money -Who You Gonna Call
Who You Gonna Call?

Then there is also the cost you pay to “hire” someone else to build your website.  And even still, your website can only stay like it is -no modifications, no changes.  “Your” website is not under your control because you still have to hire someone to change or to fix it.  Most likely you’ll be shown how you can put pages and/or posts into your website.  Other than that, it’s going to cost you money.  A financial alligator!

Thus the case for this article –How “you” can build a website & How “your” website can make money.


Internet knowledge and hands-on website building both are needed.

Many of today’s children (i.e. that flat-out rich 16 year old) have grown up within and have adapted the World Wide Web into their lifestyles even before entering into High School.  Yet there are more people today who do not know these things.  Hands-on experience helps so to accelerate / to speed up the building of a website to make money.  Yes, not knowing how and yet it can still be done.  It may only take a few months to get it done with that hands-on experience.  That hands-on confidence that allows for you to build website after website after website, all making money for you.  You have the hands-on experience (and confidence) in doing it -building websites and making money,.  You’ve learned and understand “the” new skill-set within today’s evolving business industry.

A Global Industry!


So really, it is no big deal to make such a website.  Just your willingness in getting the hands-on experience which leads to the results you want.

The big deal is in understanding the heart of e-commerce.  The cultures.  The psychology in why anyone will put money into “your website” for you to profit from.


So here is what this article briefly goes into:

  • Experience and how to quickly get it.
  • Purpose and why a website.
  • How can a website make you money.
  • How to build a website that will make you money.



What’s In Your Website Building Experience?


How Can I Know If My Experience Is Good Enough?

How?  By doing it.

As with anything in life, you will never know until you try.

To think about it, to write about it, to even study about it is not doing it -period.

Call it procrastination or being afraid or just never had enough time or money or whatever, if you have no hands-on experience then how can you ever know?


Then There Is the Other Side

You do have hands-on experience.  Perhaps lots.  Perhaps some.  Perhaps even just a little.  Yet you do have hands-on experience.

So then what you’re asking yourself is this; is your experience good enough so to build a website and to make money with it? This is a good question to ask yourself.  Seriously, this is a good question.

Why would you pretend & try to fool yourself?  Seems silly, yet this happens all the time.


So let’s go through some check-offs so to show you that building a website that makes money is very possible.


What’s In the Purpose of Your Website?

Purpose to Build a Website To Make Money

First Check-Off

The purpose of your website is to make money –yes?

No problem.

Great because now you know “why” you are doing it –to make money.  So don’t loose focus of this.

Distractions will come at you.  Such is a gimme.  And understand there are many people on-line who can help you along your way in creating a website that makes money.  So no, you do not need to go at it alone.  You do not need to re-invent the wheel.  The wheel is already here & has gone high tech.  Perhaps you only need an example so to copie.   More on this later, yet for now, the second check-off.


Second Check-Off

Your website is to make how much money?

This is obviously a personal answer for you.  So I won’t touch this.


Simply understand this –the first dollar you ever make with your website on-line will be “the” hardest or most difficult dollar you’ll ever make with a website on-line.

Hugh?  What is meant by “the” hardest dollar ever made?


It’s a Mindset | a Focused Belief

If you believe that you can make that first dollar with a website –great!  Yet you’re actually making that first dollar goes beyond believing because making that first dollar is the reality that you can do it.  A reality that it was done.  Under your belt.  It’s history.  Been there done that.  Bringing you up to that level of asking -what’s next?


The focus and therefore the goal is not simply a website, rather a website that makes money is the focus / the goal –remember?


On a wall inside of a store, have you ever seen a dollar bill behind a glass frame?  Or a dollar bill simply stapled to the wall in a store or restaurant?  Do you know why that dollar bill is there?  It is a reminder, a trophie to the owner of that store that money was made, that it happened.  That the goal for building that business was to make money.  And that first dollar proving that the store or restaurant can & did make money because there is now that first dollar up on the wall to prove it.

The framing and the displaying of the first dollar used to be commonplace within stores and restaurants.  Today, not so common place as business has evolved from decades gone by into franchises and conglomerates.  And now, the internet is replacing the face-to-face “sales team”.

Business evolution (the evolving of a business through time) has suffered great loss and devastation for those not recognizing the coming change and thereby adapting.  Yet for those businesses that did and have recognized the coming change, financial success.  Most recognizable and at the forefront:  e-bay; Netflix; Amazon.

A Mindset - A Focused Belief

Case-in-point: Where are all those video rental stores?  Those mom & pop video rental stores that were everywhere?  Answer -Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.  And where have Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, those mega-video rental stores gone?  Answer Netflix.  And today?  Answer Netflix and Amazon and .  .  .  Netflix adapted, the others did not.


No hands-on experience then how can you ever know?  That hanging dollar on the wall was / is motivational to the owner that it can be done.  And understanding that adaptation towards and into what the customer wants is vital.

And that it was / has been done -history.

So that first dollar does mean a lot.  And history has shown that the business life has been violent.  How to survive in the future is key to understand.  Knowledge with the understanding and the implementation of is vital.  History has proven it.


So your website is to make how much money?

Let’s get the first dollar into your website first.  Then all the rest will follow.  Even if you want $500 or more a month or a week or a day, all else will follow.  We’re simply following in the footsteps of others who’ve been successful with making money with a website.  Basically, to copie their successes.  It’s just one foot in front of the other in front of the other in front of the other, following & doing a proven process until you’re there.  Knowing all along that gold  -money-  will be there when you get there.

Focus and Belief to Build a Website To Make Money
Alaskan Klondike gold rush 1898
Third Check-Off

Don’t forget that it is hands-on learning “how to make money with a website”.  And it will be something that you will have / that you will own and will belong to you.  A “skill-set”.  A been-there done-that understanding that you now own inside of you.  A skill that has become a part of you.


After your first website, you can more easily make another website.  And another website.  And even another website easier than the one before.  So each new website that you make, the next one will be easier and faster.  And you know that each new website is going to be better and more “cool” than the ones before.  Perhaps you’ll become a website artist?  Who knows until you try.  So hands-on?


This is a skill that you do not want to overlook –OK?

Yes, your goal is to make money by making a website.  Yet understand the money is simply a result / a reward / the prize.  A result of your learning how-to & of your hands-on doing it.  Similar to being a farmer and preparing the soil, getting the seed into the soil, watching over the growth of each seed until harvest time.  And with your website, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will have it -harvest time!

After that first dollar is in your hand and you’ve confidently built websites again and again, as many as you want, all making money for you, perhaps you’ll be able to easily afford that above normal break / time off / vacation.  Kind of nice -yes?



How Can a Website Make Money For You?
How Can a Website Make Money For You
Is it this easy?
How Many Stars Can You Count In the Night Sky?

Is it possible to physically count all the stars up in a night’s sky?

You can count & count & count until you are tired of counting.  This is very likely how many ways a website can make money for you.  Truly endless as more and more ideas & products & services & techniques are coming into this new age.  This new age of e-commerce.


For us, not all of the ways will be needed.  Just one.  Maybe a handful, if you want more than one money making website.

The number is only limited by you & the time & the desire that you have for to make it happen.  It really is a know-how-to-do-it through hands-on experience and time.  So how can anyone make it happen faster and make it happen with quality so it is done right and with very little maintenance?


So How Does It Work?

To make money with a website, some knowledge about “how it works” will be very helpful.

Perhaps you already know this, yet it is best to really “know” and to be absolutely sure that you know.  It directly involves how the money is coming to you.  Kind of like being able to look behind the curtain before the show begins.



A storefront is any business with a building on a street that people walk into to shop &/or to purchase items.  This is how it has been done from now all the way back in time.  Yet recently, these Mom & Pop storefronts have been going extinct for the mega-storefronts (Remember the video rental industry example?).  And more recently, storefronts & mega-storefronts have been disappearing for on-line commerce, e-commerce.

StoreFront-How Can a Website Make Money For You?
StoreFront and the WebSite

Items in a storefront are there –in stock.  The store owner has to purchase said items & then display them within the store so that people coming into the store can see them & buy them.  Yes, this costs a lot of money -the building, the lights, the permits, the water & sewage, the garbage, the insurance, the employees, the government regulations & fees, the business loan, the merchandise to be sold, the  .  .  .

A lot of money even before 1 dollar is made.

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, a new form of business industry called “Network Marketing” began entering the scene.  Anyone could be a business owner without all those heavy costs of the business storefront start-up.  A basic business license and tax resale number along with the network marketing company’s legal contract & dues along with the sample products was basically all that was required so to be up and running.  A business owner that is located at the home.  The beginnings of the “Home Business” era.

Yet the face to face contacts so to build business was still required.  Therefore, the face-to-face meetings with the costs and the time invested kept the minimum time in attaining a sustainable growth and business to within a 2 to 5 year or greater time line.  And that was if consistency and persistence along with the network marketing skill-set had been developed and implemented / had been done / had been used.  Compared to the “normal” storefront business, network marketing was very attractive and very attainable.  Yet today, there is a better way.


Making money with a website is not a face-to-face nor a storefront transaction as had been the pre-website decades and centuries gone by.  As always, some level of trust must be in-place before someone will give you their money in return for whatever value it is that you are offering to them.  These are key and many website business owners miss these key ingredients -“trust” & “value”.

Also, electronic banking has to be in-place.  How else will you receive the money for your offering?  Tell them to mail you a check?  PayPal works.  Even still, PayPal requires a banking system.

Why not go all out and be able to receive any form of payment and not only PayPal?  Why would any business limit its’ possibly-to-be customer with how this paying customer can pay?  Why would you limit their choice?  Making it as easy as is possible for any prospective customer to exchange their money for your goods is critical within business.  Yet many businesses do not understand this.


Website StoreFronts

This new age of the website storefront very lightly began back in the 1990’s.  Then in the first decade of the new millenium, the public’s acceptance of the website storefront began to pick up.  People were beginning to trust the on-line transactions more & more as greater security assurances were created & implemented.  Still, the idea of buying something without first seeing it or handling it had not fully caught on.  Also, back then, the customer service within these website storefronts was nothing to be proud of.  Many people refused to buy anything on-line.  Most people refused to expose their credit cards on-line.  Many people lost money on-line.


Now, the third decade of e-commerce is quietly fading away.  Today, our being inside this new millenium and the fourth decade of e-commerce having begun -the 2020’s.  Three decades of inventing, testing and producing interactive websites to make money have come and gone.  Many bad players were identified and removed from the e-commerce business evolution.  Numerous on-line storefronts have succeeded and even excelled.

Today, e-commerce is still an open door opportunity.  Anyone can play this game.  Today, there are rules and regulations in keeping people’s transactions and money safer than it was decades

ago.  Today, anyone with the knowledge & the will can play within the arena of e-commerce, be it as a consumer who buys products & services or as a business with a website storefront offering the products & services.

Today, website storefronts are common place and this year’s on-line transactions have surpassed that of last year’s.  Each year since this website storefront evolution began back in the early 1990’s, on-line transactions / e-commerce has steadily increased into the many billions of dollars of today.  Such a huge financial reality that governments have begun to “cash in” on it.  And the U.S. government creating government agencies within government agencies so to track and watch over America’s e-commerce specifically.

United States Retail e-Commerce Sales Graph 2014-2023
United States of America Retail & Projected Retail e-Commerce Sales in $ Billion

Understand that this is only within the United States of America.  The rest of the world outside of the United States of America are now getting on board because websites have evolved and are mobile phone / cell phone friendly –responsive (compared to adaptive).  Many website themes have now been developed to be responsive to the cell phone screen.

Most of the world’s population does not have nor use laptop or desktop computers.  Most of the world use the computer that is inside of their cell phone.  And websites have just recently been technologically refined so to enter into this new realm of the cell phone.  And the cell phone having developed into what they are capable of today.  This has greatly expanded the e-commerce marketing base -WoW!


How Much Money Is There?

Think about this for a moment.

One tenth of one tenth of one tenth of one tenth of one tenth of 1% of this year’s e-commerce was in the tens of thousands of dollars.  And this is only inside of the United States of America.

What if you add Europe into this?  And Asia?  Australia?  And how about the hundreds of millions of consumers living in South America?  And what is to happen within Russia and China?  Looks to be huge, doesn’t it?

Add in all the cell phones globally!

Add your multiple websites into this, you websites that help this flow of e-commerce currency (money).

And still, new markets and new techniques and new products and new services that continue to be invented and to grow and to expand and to out-do the year before!

Quarterly U.S. Retail e-Commerce Sales Statistics Graph 2010 - 2019
U.S. Department of Commerce CB19-170

Statistically, 2019 total U.S. e-commerce retail sales vs total U.S. retail sales is projected to be at 14.2%.  That is 14.2% of all the 2019 U.S. retail sales where done on the internet through websites.

And understand that this 14.2% is within the United States of America only!

And notice the consistency and how each year greater and greater percentages of commerce has been done on-line, through websites!  More and more trust!

And realize the same percentage of a larger number is more.  So with the U.S. economy increasing and a larger commerce, this percentage of the larger commerce has to become even more!  Then add in the rest of the world and woooo!


So How Much MonEY IS THERE?


Can you now begin to understand how children who, still in grammar &/or high school, have utilized the ability to make websites with the understanding of how websites make money have financially retired before graduating High School?

Yea, reads crazy but true!

Child Millionairs -How to Build a Website To Make Money



How to Build a Website To Make Money


The Overall picture

To build a money making website today is far easier than it was just 3 or 2 or even 1 decade ago.  You no longer need to encase words with HTML code, then CSS code and so on.  Today, there are many user friendly (point & click) website themes available that can be used so to build a money generating website.  And many themes that are free for you to use and to build your business with.


Let’s quickly touch on putting together what is required so to build your website.  An honest look.

The computer, the internet access, the theme you choose for your website to be built on, the hosting company that will broadcast your website theme out to the world (the World Wide Web), the domain name which is the global address of your website, an electronic banking system so to receive and transfer the currency (money), and the product or service (part of the value) that you are exchanging for people’s money (currency).


A lot?  Yes, especially if starting with none of these “tools”.  And a bigger yes if never any “hands on” experience.  Yet these are the tools you will need within your tool box so to build that website that makes money for you.

These are the tools you will need to purchase up-front unless   .   .   .


There was a time not so long ago when a business had a sales team.  A group of individuals with some who actually made more money than anyone else within the business.  Some salespeople made even more money than a brain surgeon could make.  These high income, high sales producers were good at their trade.  These salespeople were good because they knew how to listen and then they would offer that person a solution.  Even a choice in solutions.  A solution that would remove the customer’s problem and elevate that customer’s lifestyle.  They understood that it was their “job” to educate the public about their offering and thereby elevate the person’s lifestyle.

Those top income earner salespeople also knew it was a numbers game.  The greater the number of qualified prospects that they could present their offering to, the more sales and thereby the greater their income.

Build a Website to Make Money -Today's Salesperson

Back then, it was face to face meetings that did cost money and time to establish and did cost money and time in finalizing / making the sale.  Back then, it was extremely limiting in what one person could do inside of the expenses and the time.

Today, many company sales teams no longer exist.  Yes, there are still sales teams out there and individual company salespeople, yet it’s a wonder how much time will go by before the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) perhaps replaces them?  These companies now utilize the internet & websites.  And with this, a company can educate more people about their offering in one day than their entire sales team could have done within years.  Also, no more huge multi-million dollar marketing campaigns so to educate the consumer about their offering.  Such a tremendous financial savings for the company.  And yes, perhaps even the removal of the salesperson industry, or in the least a change or modification within this industry.


Today –business structure has changed dramatically.


Today -“affiliation” has gone rampant.


Today, even a 10 year old can do what a veteran salesperson used to do.  And do it quicker and with far less money and globally and never go out the front door.  Today, a person is able to leverage tremendously and get done what a not-so-long-ago salesperson could not get done in a lifetime.  Today, businesses utilize affiliate marketers through “affiliation”.  It is called affiliate marketing and can be exceedingly prosperous to both the business and to the individual / the affiliate making money on-line with a computer.

Today, a company’s sales team is the affiliate marketers.


Aside from creating and manufacturing and selling your product or developing a “drop ship” storefront business (both of which have initial start-up costs), affiliate marketing is an excellent technique for to begin making money with a website.  And a website is not always required, yet does give credibility.  Many companies do want for their sellers / their salespeople / affiliate marketers to have a website.  Affiliation with companies gives you products &/or services so to sell / to offer.  You require no warehouse, no employees, non of the costs that the decades ago storefronts had to pay for or they had no business.  Today all you need is a computer & internet access & an understanding how to build a website to make money  Now how cool is that?



Now You “Know” How to Build a Website that Makes Money For You



All the book knowledge and smarts in the world will not create a website that makes money for you.  It is your hands-on and time

⇒-your hands-on experience-⇐

that creates websites that make money for you.  And if you do not act on it, you will never know.

Your purpose for building a website is to make money –yes?  So to build a website is not the purpose; to build a website that makes money is the purpose.  The website is simply the vehicle so to get you to your purpose, to make an income / a positive cash flow through the internet.  And the amount of money / of income is 100% up to you.  You set the limit, be it simply to pay the bills and move into a nice lifestyle or to make more money than anyone around you.  Or most likely, somewhere in-between.

It is your mindset along with attaining these goals that will be the engine to move you on.  Just think, once you’ve attained that first dollar and you have built a quality website, the confidence & the knowing that you can now do this again and again and again -anywhere!  It is a skill-set that you now own. A skill-set for the rest of your life that you can employ to make money for you.  Is it any wonder that today’s children can see this?

Children see simple, grown ups cloud the simple.

The abilities to make money with a website are limitless –literally.  As soon as you think you’ve counted all the stars in the night sky, new ones have appeared & the stars at the other end have disappeared.  An ever changing night sky; an ever changing World Wide Web.  So simply put one foot in front of the other and keep doing it while enjoying the view.  Eventually you will be there.

Your website that makes money for you is today’s storefront.  Unlike the storefronts of those yesteryears, storefronts that were locked to a single location and only the people / the traffic that walked into the store saw it.  A storefront that had been extremely limited, todays storefront is global.  The number of people coming in is now far greater.  And the more people / the more traffic, the greater the amount of sales.  And with targeted traffic, the sales go even higher.  Oooooo, such a time to be alive!


So, how much money is out there?

How Much Money?


the Tools & the Hands-On

Do you want to build a website & learn how to allow for some of this money to come to you?  Even if a very very very small fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of just 1%?  Then click on the button below.

This is an organization of some of the best of the best within this field of internet storefront design & building & marketing.  I’m in it for life, no matter how much money my storefronts bring in.  For me, the plan is to stay on top of what is happening within the World Wide Web.  And to be around those with the same mindset as mine.


So go ahead & click on the button.  Get in it for the 2 weeks that are offered at no charge –FREE.  Or longer, if you prefer.  Get as much information & training as you can.  And who knows, perhaps you will have your website making money for you within the 2 weeks.  Everything, and I repeat -Everything is in there for you to build a website that makes money for you.  The website, the hosting, the domain -everything.  Even the electronic banking system, in part.  And it’s all free so for you to begin with that hands-on experience!

How would anyone looking
to build a website to make money
not try?
How To Build A Website To Make Money -Introductory Level Access
learn how to do it!

So who knows, until you try.  All that is asked of you is your e-mail address, then you’re in.

Hope to see you on the inside.

Even if you choose not to stay, you will get a lot of knowledge & hands-on experience & better understand inside the world of e-commerce.  In the least, you can take that and have that with you as you continue your journey through life -your e-commerce life.

Stop by my profile & say hi.


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