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This game changer opportunity came into my life by way of an accident. It was not ment to be, according to how I was living. Yet I had been bouncing around within the internet, searching for something different. My sponsor, she connected me & cookied me & locked me in.

I haven’t looked back since. Yet there has been much that I’ve had to cut out of my life / out of my life-style.


Been involved with many different things (notice the past tense). And there were many-a-nights that I’d felt as if life was spinning worthlessly into oblivion.

Before those days, I had been known for my extreme focus & accomplishments. Yet I’d allowed for massive distractions & the pullings from others and other things to lead me further & further away from the path to my goals / to my targets & away from my passions. Month into month into month into the years, further off the road of getting it done. And through those years of this “wandering”, I’d unknowingly adapted into that way of life, a life-style of being busy being busy. Going in circles thinking I had been going somewhere. Getting nowhere closer to the destination I had written out & devoted / invested my earlier life for to reach. Specific dreams that were not close to my living, not even close to the life-style I’d wanted.  They had become long-ago “dreams”.  Dead in the water.

Success = Consistency

A yacht without a rudder? -no.

A yacht without a captain? -no.

 A yacht without a destination? -of course not.


More like a yacht with a tidy log book & the best of sextants, yet “my having allowed” anyone and life’s dramas to take the helm.
More like
my not keeping a tight yacht within “my own life”.
More like
a very bad steward of “my” time!

you choose
to look into the opportunity that you’re about to see, we (myself along with numerous proven & successful people / experts) will work together with you until the training wheels can come off for you. Even then, perhaps we can grow to be friends & hang-out at your place or mine, where ever our places are on this planet called Earth.

Secrets & intel. that will get you to where you want to be faster than you going at it solo.  Like what you have been doing up to now.

So here are some things of whom I be.

Things of development and growing character within my time frame of life.

* I enjoy being physical & such, it has been my greatest draw-back with the whole on-line phenomenon. To be seated in one chair for any length of time has never been me.

* I enjoy people & animals & life.

Today, perhaps this is my true passion, to enjoy life.  And what is life?  I am drawn to it.  I want to share it & experience it alone.  And with others.  And with nature & the wild.  It is absolutely one of the best feelings to help someone get back into living.  It really is.

I dispise death and any form of death.  Seeing someone accept death irks me, tells me they’ve given up.  Life can be a fight, yet why?  This and more I’ve truly invested my life so to better understand.  And to learn from.

Kat Room / Cat Room

* I began flying airplanes while a sophomore in High School. My initial dream was to earn a living as an airline pilot. To spend my life in the sky.

* Well, that got shot down (after High School) so now I had to step-it-up and teach myself how to read & write & study so to become a trauma surgeon. I got good enough where biochem & microbe professors took notice of me before my interview @ a California University.

I witnessed events within the medical field and inside a major ER (emergency room) that repulsed me & turned me off. And to put someone’s home into mortgage or sell all they have just so they can stay alive? And being around death & dying & OMG the hypochondriacs all strongly hardening my soul to where I could easily think ill and look the other way? I realize it was self-preservation, an inner tactic so not to get close and drawn-in; so to be able to function after the fact.

Yet still, wow!

I find it a no brainer that such physicians & surgeons use drugs & alcohol statistically way more so than the norm.

I was still learning.

Young & stupid, I walked away. Then years later uncovered that I’d been grieving that decision / that loss.

* Afterwards, I sought to become involved within the construction industry & learned to swing a hammer. Big change? -yes, and I loved it. And all the while still searching to answer my deep-seated question “what is life?”. It was not in a test tube. It was not a physical body. So now a life-style of loads of “self-help” books in the evenings and swinging the hammer during 06:00 – 16:00 hours (6am on site -3:30pm roll-up).

* Creating hot rods -I know how after taking apart & builing cars from the ground up. And I’ve wrecked them. I grew up doing it. At 8 years of age, I watched my mother’s soon-to-be second & final husband drive his AA fuel dragster off of a cliff while standing beside my brother soon-to-be. I still remember standing near the bottom of that cliff with fireballs popped into our mouths just before it came over the edge of that cliff & blew up!  Yea, it was for a movie & yea, he got out of it before it went over the cliff. As an 8 year old, that’s what I had been watching. To see if he was in that car as it came over the cliff, or not. Through some of my grammar school vacation time & High School and into JC college, I worked in his shop.

Today’s cars? No thank you. I like em loud & fast. And safe. Today’s cars are dangerous; too light & breakable & of plastic that can even electrocute the un-knowing. And talk about looking both ways before crossing a street! Too quiet, even for the animals. And I’m not even talking of those electric cars!

* I own a hangglider that yes, has dust on it.

* I’m a self-taught naturopath, back before such a word was “allowed” to be spoken here in America.

* And still, I’m a student and researcher of life and always will be.


Does this read silly? Perhaps.


I know there are people out there who feel life is off course. A long ago dream now shelved. Today, that dream is covered in so much dust that it’s barely recognizable / barely memorable.

Hey! -it’s still there and only requires to be cleaned up so to recognize and re-activate it.

Get back in the Race!

{the race against time}

A deep state I’ve had to climb out of? Oh kay, so here’s “the” ladder -start climbing.

Does it hurt? Yes, it does hurt. I’m writing this from my own personal experiences. And from what I’ve experienced within the lives of others. The soul hates change & will fight so to remain at its present status quo. Change hurts yet the definition of life is change.

Miss change & miss life.

Avoid the pain & miss the change.


Enjoy the sensation of life and realize it’s one of the facets that makes one “feel” alive, and grow. And makes for a deep & restful sleep in the nights. Such also solidifies and strengthens character. Moving ahead and making a dream a reality. Creating a reality that was only a thought before is “the” name of the game within the biggest game of games called life. Such is the attitude and direction that has taken effort for me to grow into. If only this was learned back in High School, or even before. Ooooo, how much time could be saved and invested elsewhere. Saved & lived elsewhere.

Costly to learn, powerful in return.


There are loads of hidden treasures within this journey called life. To prospect for and dig them up. Treasures that seem to remain hidden to almost all people. People who’ve invested their lives desiring, even chasing after such.

Is there a secret?

I believe there is.

If not a secret then why hasn’t it become common place? Why do most people continue to financially struggle? Why are various forms of depression & worry so rampant?

A hidden secret? Of course it’s hidden. And even when people see it, they do not recognize it. A hidden secret.

Hidden Secret vs Only Watch

I have never fully enjoyed being a watcher / a spectator -I prefer to be a player. Sports has been a huge part of my life, yet I find it difficult to watch. I am a hands-on guy. To get in there & get dirty, I enjoy it.


I am here investing time so to get the latest & the greatest of techniques. And also develop some life-long friendships. People to hang with where money is no option.

I’ve passively been here since 2014 without the greatest of results. Though I think I’d made something under 100 in rank back then -hooray?

I hadn’t realized / understood that this is a life-style. A quality choice, not a game or a pretend-to-be thing. It is a new way of life. A new way, a change that I did not accept nor enact into “my” character years ago. Yes, there is a price to pay for success.

Success does cost; in time now or in regrets compounded later.


As for working a job, being an employee?  Or being self-employed?  Trading hours for dollars?  Life-hours that no longer belong to you?  Life-hours now belonging to the company?  It is hands-off to anything else except that company.  So much so that “rush hour” exists.

In exchange for life-hours spent, a pay check. Currency that only has “value” when it flows. What a deal.

I’ve lived it.  Both sides -employee and self-employed.



What do I do in the middle of a cold night when I find a homeless man & woman sleeping up against the foundation of my house?

* Call the police?

* Tell them to go away?

* Bring them into my house & take care of them till the cows jump over the moon?

* Telephone a taxi to take them to a motel for the week and meet with them for breakfast to devise a plan that helps them?

* Simply ignore that they are there?



I am not able to change who I’ve been. Yet I am able to change where I’m going and who I can become.

Daily -step by step- to manage what I now have so to produce, not to bury it or spend it into oblivion.

And repeat this over & over & over again & again.

To accomplish that which “I” had refused to do.

Consistency = Success

Successes = Success

click on plane

{& see you on the other side?}


Rock On!

got headphones?

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Thank you, dear woman.
This electronic age is still somewhat new for me, yet I’m getting it under my belt. It is simply too exciting for to stay away from.

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